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Top 25 bad roof maintenance finds - Part 1!

Roof install don'ts

I was talking to my barber, BTW, she is awesome. If you live in Houston, you need to visit Paige at Grow Barbershop, trust me you will not be disappointed. Here are some links to her business:

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Ok, back to business.

She suggested I write a top ten of the "interesting" finds I have collected during my inspections. Honestly, I had so many I was only able to reduce them to 25. So here you go, with some brief commentary.

Roof install don'ts

Number 25

Despite that it is a new plumbing vent, the installer chose to ignore the rules and install it on top of the shingles.

Roof install don'ts

Number 24

Another new install, this time they installed it under the shingles but decided to use several little pieces, which defeats the purpose.

Roof install don'ts

Number 23

Here is another new vent (heating vent) that the installer got lazy and did not perform the installation correctly. vents go under the shingles not on top.

Roof install don'ts

Number 22

Multiuse vent installed on top of shingles. Additionally, the sealant is already damaged. There are multiple pieces of shingles vs. a single one. Definitely, a bad patch job.

Roof install don'ts

Number 21

The heating vent was installed over the shingles! Additionally, the heating vent should not have been originally installed so close to the roof ridge vent.

Roof install don'ts

Number 20

Older roof with a new heating vent

installation. Unfortunately, they got carried away with the sealant there is too much of it and it is a sloppy install job.

Roof install don'ts

Number 19

This a perfect example to illustrate that sealant does not last forever. Especially, in Houston weather. Roofs require annual inspections. Here you can see how the sealant has melted and is dripping on the roof.

Roof install don'ts

Number 18

Missing shingle on the bottom left of the vent.

Roof install don'ts

Number 17

They decided to repair the right vent and not the left one, which is rusting.

Roof install don'ts

Number 16

Rust loves water and rust prevents mechanical parts from moving. Why they don't replace the fans and keep the roof ventilated puzzles me.

Roof install don'ts

Number 15

Would you want the main power line to your house not to be rusted?

Roof install don'ts

Number 14

Some decided not to finish the chimney flashing, which will create a moisture intrusion problem.

Roof install don'ts

Number 13

Four-year-old home with already rusty nails and a missing shingle on this box vent. Remember that exposed nails need to be covered with a sealant to prevent rust.

Roof install don'ts

Number 12

Brand new home with clay tile roof. The installer decided not to finish cricket also known as saddle flashing.

Roof install don'ts

Number 11

Same roof as number 12, another unfinished area.

and the last one for part 1 is...

Roof install don'ts

Number 10

Let me leave all the unused equipment on the roof. Seriously?

I sometimes wonder how people's brain function.

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Hope you enjoyed these.

Remember, I created Smooth Skies Services to help you save money. We find the little problems before they become BIG problems.

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