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Top 25 bad roof maintenance finds - Part 2!

Roof Preventive Maintenance

Continuing the top 25 list, here is part 2 with the last 9! Enjoy...

Roof Maintenance Services

Number 9

This plumbing vent on a metal roof always made me wonder, what in the world they were thinking this installation will prevent moisture intrusion. There is enough sealant in the world that will stop water here. Especially with a metal roof. In Houston, this roof will become a hot cookie sheet with our heat and will damage the sealant.

Roof Inspection Houston

Number 8

This a perfect example of how vents age and require annual inspections. This box vent is warping and lifting the shingles, creating a potential water entry.

Roof Maintenance How Often

Number 7

A very damaged plumbing vent flashing. It is also not up to code. The vent needs to be at least 6 inches tall.

Roof Preventive Maintenance

Number 6

This plumbing vent rubber boot is damaged and they decided to use sealant vs. replacing the boot. This is guaranteed to not work. Additionally, there is too much sealant on the nails.

Roof Maintenance Plan

Number 5

A properly install flashing for a plumbing vent only needs a maximum of three nails. This one has SEVEN, in addition, there are all already rusted and lack sealant. Water is going to love to pass thru these!

Roof Maintenance

Number 4

I guess if your plumbing vent brakes you could keep the boot in place for venting! I would love to see the attic of this place after a rainstorm.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Number 3

If it still works and spins, why fix it? As a bonus, it has another hole for venting the roof! Ha!

Roof Maintenance Services

Number 2

I don't have a rubber boot flashing cover, so I guess I will use a doormat! Seriously?

And the winner is...

Roof Inspection Cost

Number 1

We need to run the video satellite cable inside the house, how about running it to the plumbing vent and the TV?

This one always makes me smile! :)

Hope you enjoyed these and learned a thing or two.

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