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Can I Use My Drone to Inspect My Roof?

Can I Use My Drone to Inspect My Roof?

The short answer is you can’t buy your drone, take it out of the box, and fly it over your roof.

Let me explain.

Whether you are making a movie, taking pictures, or inspecting your roof, flying a drone for business purposes requires a Remote Pilot Certificate. Even if you are flying your drone for recreational purposes, you must register your drone with the FAA.

This is a hot topic and a quick search will bring up a lot of information. Let me try to simplify it.

Can I Use My Drone to Inspect My Roof?

The objective of your flight determines if the flight is considered to have a recreational or business purpose. Recreational drone use means flying for enjoyment (no objective) and not for work, business purposes, compensation, or hire. Every other type of flight will have an objective and therefore you are required to have a Remote Pilot Certificate.

Examples of types of flights:

  • Take pictures for your real estate friend’s house listing.

  • Your sibling wants an aerial video of their kid’s soccer game.

  • Neighbors ask you to check if their tree is touching their roof.

  • Your parents have a gutter drain problem, and they want you to inspect it.

  • You want an aerial view of your property.

All these flights have objectives so they will require a certificate. Sorry, it’s as simple as that.


Let’s ask ourselves a few more questions:

  • Did you know that when flying a drone, you must have a visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times? Including automated flights!?

  • Do you know how to conduct a preflight check?

  • Do you know the laws of your State?

  • Do you know the differences in airspaces? The restrictions and how to get a permit if needed?

  • Do you know how to handle drone emergencies?

  • Do you understand flight aerodynamics? Wind, gusts, and how it affects your drone?

  • Do you understand sun positioning and how it affects photography?

  • Do you understand how outdoor temperature affects your drone battery?

  • More importantly, do you what to look for on the roof, its anatomy, types, and components?

Moving drone GIF

Drone roof inspections aren’t as simple as we think; there is quite a bit to plan and keep track of.

You’ve invested a lot in your home, and you deserve to be aware of the health of your roof so you won’t be blindsided by the cost of unexpected repairs or even a replacement.

At Smooth Skies Services, we understand what it’s like to worry about unexpected costs coming out of nowhere, which is why our drone inspection service includes a detailed report of your roof or other assets. We provide access to progressive, historical records of how your roof is aging and make recommendations before a problem arises.

Want to see a sample report? Here you go! (click here).

Download our free guide “Is My Roof Okay?” right here. You’ll get some excellent basic knowledge about checking your roof.

I created Smooth Skies Services because I am licensed to use a drone for business purposes, and I also know about roof components, materials, components, inspections, weather patterns, aerodynamics, air spaces, radio communications, and more topics that may not be of your interest.

We find the LITTLE problems before they become BIG problems.

We guide and advise you on how to become a proactive maintenance home/business owner.

Contact us today if you want to potentially extend the life of your roof.

Let’s fly…



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